16 Kennebec Ave We are open everyday at 6 pm, except for Tuesdays! 508.338.2065



20byNine is a gathering place where our customers will enjoy good food, good beer, and good company.

This is the first location opened by the Celestial Restaurant Group, a Martha’s Vineyard-centric group focused on providing high quality restaurant experiences. Before Celestial and 20byNine we have been in the restaurant business collectively for over 50 years, and hope to serve you well. We focus on using seasonal ingredients, pouring the best American whiskeys, and serving beer at the highest quality standards possible!

Please keep an eye out for our new location in Oak Bluffs called Down Island!

Executive Chef: Scott Cummings
Beverage Director: Adam Jaime, Certified Cicerone®





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MAY 18

OPENING DOWN ISLAND Make reservations at Down Island for the season: 508-338-2503

MAY 14

MOTHER'S DAY It's time to bring your wonderful mother out for the best brunch on MV. She deserves a brunch cocktail and some chicken and waffles!                               readmore


We take whiskey and beer and turn them into modern creative cocktails made in a classic, artisanal method. Come in for the most classic Old-Fashioned or Sazerac you will have outside of New York or New Orleans, or have one of our creative modern Martha’s Vineyard riffs on traditional cocktails. We make all of our syrups and infuse all of our spirits. Do not fear the whiskey, no matter who you are we have a cocktail for you!



Don’t be shy! Contact us about everything and anything, we will be glad to answer your questions.

Open everyday except Tuesdays! 6:00-11:00

16 Kennebec Avenue , Oak Bluffs, MA 02557
Phone: 508.338.2065
Email: info@20byNine.com